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"UNIVERSAL" petrol engines


Berning D2 or D22 four stroke petrol engine, 6 hp at 3000 rpm. Bore and stroke both 72 mm, 293 cm³ piston deplacement. The carburettor was an OBA 22.

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Berning D6 and D8 four stroke petrol engines. These have aluminium cooling air guides, the flywheel has to be removed in order to take off the cover. There were two crankcase versions: with or without a foot for stationary purposes. Both engines weighed around 40 kg.

The D6 was 6½ hp, bore and stroke 72 x 72 mm, 293 cm³. Carburettor OBA 22 (main jet 85, starter jet 40).
In 1959-1961 this engine was also called D6K.

The D8 was 8 hp, bore and stroke 78 x 72 mm, 344 cm³. Carburettor OBA 22 (main jet 95, starter jet 40).


Berning D6K or Dk6 four stroke petrol engine, 6-7 hp at 3000 rpm. Bore and stroke were 72 x 78 mm, displacement 318 cm³. The carburettor was a Bing 8/25/8 (main jet 110, stationary jet 60, correcting jet 80) (Bing 8/25/9 for Agria machinery).

The engine was also available as Berning D8K, with 8 hp, bore and stroke 78 x 78 mm, 372 cm³. The carburettor was either a Bing 8/25/4 (main jet 120, stationary jet 60, correcting jet 80), or an OBA 26 (main jet 90, stationary jet 50).

At these engines, the cooling air cover was made of aluminium or, later, sheet metal, and could be taken off without removing the flywheel. The crankcase bottom now had a seperate oil box, either with or without a foot for stationary purposes.


Rudi Troll found a Bungartz FK with Berning DK8 engine. This engine has a Bing membram pump at the side of the flywheel housing, to feed the carburettor.

Hier folgen einige Informationen über die Zündanlagen, von Herbert Tilly und Klaus Schmitt:

In den vorliegenden Unterlagen steht folgendes:

Berning D2/D22 mit 293ccm, 6 PS, geschlossene Ölwanne; hat eine außenliegende Zündanlage.

Berning D6 mit 293ccm, 6 PS; geschlossene Ölwanne; hat eine Bosch Zündanlage LM/US 1/138/16/1.

Berning DK6 mit 293ccm, 6 PS und Berning DK8 mit 344ccm, 8 PS beide mit geschraubter Ölwanne, haben identische Bosch Zündanlagen LM/US/138/16/7

Berning D6 mit 318ccm, 6 PS und Berning D8 mit 372ccm ,8 PS, beide mit geschraubter Ölwanne haben identische Bosch Zündanlagen:
bis Motornr. 603076 = LM/US 1/138/16/7
ab Motornr. 603077 = LM/US/1/143/16 R.

Die Bezeichnung gilt jeweils für den kompletten Bosch-Schwunglichtmagnetzünder.

Alte Bosch-Zündkontakte mit der Bezeichnung 1 237 013 004 habe ich sowohl bei Berning D6 293ccm als auch bei Hirth Zweitaktmotor Typ 44 oder 45 mit Erfolg eingebaut.

Diesel engines

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Berning Di7, the 1958 model. The starting handle had to be turned anti-clockwise. At the 1958 and 1959 Di7 the ignition paper holder is positioned horizontally, through the fuel tank.

There obviously were many problems with this early construction of the cylinder head, most of them have been replaced with the newer version, with repositioned ignition paper holder (see drawings below). The engines were also very hard to start, due to the anti-clockwise cranking at camshaft speed. On the 1958 Di7 in the right hand photo, an extra transmission has been fitted, reversing and reducing the cranking speed for easier starting.

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These are Berning Di7 engines, left the 375 cm³ 1959 model, right the newer 425 cm³ model, which was built from 1959 till 1962. These were four stroke diesel engines. The weight was 52 kg.
From 1961 the Di7 was followed by the Di8, performing 8 hp. There also were a Di10 and Di12, they looked very much alike the 8 hp model.

Berning Di10. There is no oil filter cleaning handle on the engine, the engine is fitted with a separate oil filter, screwed to the fuel tank.

years bore
Di7 1957/58 343 7
Di7 1959 75 85 375 7
Di7 1959-62 80 85 425/427 7
Di8 1962-65 85 85 482 8
Di10 1962-63 85 90 511 10
Di10 90 100 630 10
Di12 95 100 710 12
Di6 1965? 6


Berning Di7, 1957-1958 model. Note the missing oil filter clearing handle.

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Berning Di7, left the 1959 model, right the 1959-1692 model. Note the repositioned ignition paper holder.


Here is a Berning Di10 engine of 1962, fitted on a Schmiedag walk behind tractor. It was used in the 1997 Bermbach Walk Behind Tractor Racing. Note the fuel supply pump being driven by the intake air pressure.


Agria 2800 with Berning Di10, with electric starter and generator. Owner: Zeljko Tomičević.


The early Berning Di7 was also available in horizontal position, for stationary purpose. I have never seen any of these. It performed 7 hp out of 345 cm³ displacement, and weighed 65 kg.

Other engines

Here is the DB10 model, a twin cylinder boxer engine, four stroke petrol, developing 12 hp from 578 cm³. It weighed 65 kg. Some of these were used to power IRUS walk behind tractors.

Probably, the DB2 model was the same as the DB10.


This is a Fahr KT10 with a Berning DB10 engine of 1951. It belongs to Karl-Heinz Schmitt of Zeutern, Germany, was shown at the 1997 Sinsheim show, and was featured in the Sept./Oct. issue of the English magazine Farm & Horticultural Equipment Collector.

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A pamflet I have shows Berning outboard engines. Left is model 100, 100 cm³ 4 hp at 4500 rpm, weight 26 kg, right is the 125, with 125 cm³ giving 5.5 hp at 4500 rpm weighing 29 kg. Both were two stroke petrol engines.
The pamflet says:
Model 100: Fitted for dinghies, sporting boats, sailing boats and small fishing boats. Simple service -- nice shape -- reliable due to its solid construction, completely equipped -- roller- and ball-bearings -- silent drive, cooling water pump, flywheel magneto, 360 degrees reversible, with starter automatic.
Model 125: Besides the above mentioned advantages the motor 125 disposes of a suction noice silencer, and moreover a pressure tank of 20 litres. Light output 8 Watt.
Both motors deliverable in blue, red or green painting. Lenght of shaft 520 mm resp. 650 mm with prolongation, fitted for international transom of 370 and 500 mm.



In the 1965 Wolrd Survey of Small Engine Developments by W.E. Meyer, this engine is called a Berning Di6, 6 hp at 3000 rpm. He writes:
"The Berning engines have redesigned cyinder heads. The latest version has the glow plug in a different position than that given by the dummy plug in the illustration. This engine has splash lubrication. An automaic valve in the rocker box cover creates a vacuum in the interior of the engine to promote airflow which will carry oil mist and vapor into the rocker box to lubricate the upper valve gear. Other engines, having pressure lubrication, often have provision for returning the crankcase gases to the intake.
The Berning engine is also noteworthy in that it has a cast iron crankshaft. It is supported on roller bearings, but since the connecting rod bearing must be split in the case of a one-piece shaft it has a journal bearing. Where a built up shaft is used, the connecting rod is usually carried on a roller bearing."

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