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Who is Michiel Hooijberg? plaatje

I was born in 1967, still living in the Beemster polder, 4 metres below sea level in the Netherlands. I work for bloemenveiling FloraHolland in Aalsmeer, the world's largest flower auction building. One of my hobbies is to collect and repair old Tulip computers. Many hours are spent on my other main hobby: collecting and repairing Siemens and Bungartz machinery, this website is the result of the combination. How did I start with this hobby? Well, look at the picture at the right, that is me in the age of 2, working in my father's garden with his original IRUS rotary cultivator.


plaatje What do I do with Siemens and Bungartz cultivators?

Since 1982 I have been collecting all sorts of horticultural machinery, like this Howard Rotary Hoe Gem IV with 9 hp twin cylinder engine. Later I concentrated on all machinery manufactured by Bungartz and Siemens, which are in my Bungartz collection. Most of them have not yet been restored, but I try to make them complete and in working order. After all, I am a collector, not a restorer! A couple of times a year, I take some of my machinery to an oldtimer show. Besides this, I have a huge collection of literature about almost all models, and I run a Bungartz register, which contains the numbers of all Siemens, Bungartz and Bungartz&Peschke machinery I know of. I am always interested to hear from other collectors / owners about their machinery, as I keep learning more and more about my own machinery as well. Also, I am glad to help others identify and repair their Siemens or Bungartz if I am able to.

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